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OfficePower Support Information

Here is the library of Advice and Guidance Documents (below) which were originally published on the "old" OfficePower Web Site.

In addition, there is one document originally published as a White Paper.

Support Index
The "date" column below shows when each item was originally published on the OfficePower web site.


Advice and Guidance Documents

Subject Date
OfficePower Documentation on CD-ROM 28/Jun/2000
Using OfficePower for Windows with Windows 98 28/Jul/2000
Using OfficePower for Windows with Microsoft Office 97 or Windows NT 4 16/Mar/1999
OfficePower for Windows and PowerPoint 97 SR2 25/Aug/1999
OfficePower and Microsoft Office 2000 29/Nov/1999
Using OfficePower for Windows with Windows XP and Office XP 30/Jun/2002
Using OfficePower on a Notebook PC 29/Sept/1998
OfficePower and the Euro 22/Jun/2000
Printing the Euro symbol in OfficePower 22/Jun/2000
OfficePower Keyboard Templates 17/Nov/1999
OfficePower Internet Gateway 22/Jun/2000
How OfficePower Licence Keys Work 17/Dec/1998
OfficePower and Year 2000 8/Jun/1999
Using Calculation Fields in report writer 13/Jan/1999
OfficePower and UnixWare 7 and 7.1 11/Oct/1999
OfficePower and Solaris 7 11/Oct/1999
OfficePower and Solaris 8 28/Jun/2000
Increasing the Maximum Size of Mail Messages 26/Mar/1999
Configuring the OfficePower POP3 Server 26/Mar/1999
The OfficePower Web Server 22/Sep/1999
Daisy-Chain Printing with OP4W Terminal 7/May/1999
OfficePower/Exchange Mail Interworking 12/Aug/1999
OfficePower and Viruses 21/Jun/2000
OfficePower PurgeMail 2/Mar/2000
A Fax Gateway for OfficePower 17/Mar/2000
OfficePower for Windows 17/Jul/2000
Pl@za for OfficePower 28/Jun/2000
OfficePower 2000 7/Sep/2000
OfficePower Migration Tools 14/Aug/2000
Printing wrapped columns in OfficePower 2000 7/Sep/2000

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White Papers

OfficePower and Exchange Coexistence

OfficePower users are increasingly being required to interact with other internal communities of users, some running Microsoft Exchange. This document outlines the approaches available for connecting the two mail systems and synchronising the OfficePower and Exchange directory systems to enable a single corporate Directory service.

You can read this white paper now or download a copy (as a Microsoft Word 97 document in zip format - 54Kb.).

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