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OfficePower for Windows
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
17th July 2000


OfficePower for Windows version 2000

Two problems have been found in new features introduced in OfficePower for Windows Workspace version 2000:

"Software Error 0" when printing records in OP4W Workspace

If you select the "Print Marked Records" option when you have not marked any records, subsequent attempts to print records will fail with the messages "Unable to open C:\OP4W \" and "Software error 0 (opprintrecs.OpenMSWDoc)". Ensure that you have marked (not merely selected) some records before using this option to avoid the problem. If you do encounter these symptoms, you must Exit from Workspace and restart it before you can print records.

Unable to search calendar files

Attempts to search a calendar will fail with the error message "Failed to open/create form for search". This is due to the incorrect naming of the file used for the search, and can be corrected (on the OfficePower server) by copying the file stkforms~fl/language~fl/f_rcal~wp under user public to f_rcal1~wp.

All versions of OfficePower for Windows

The following support issues relating to OfficePower for Windows were originally published in the README.TXT file delivered with previous versions of the product.

Supported LOGIN Shells

OfficePower for Windows client supports login to the following shells on the UNIX host:

  • Bourne shell
  • k shell
  • OfficePower pre_op shell

Other login shells are not supported.

Daisy-chain Printing

On Windows NT and Windows 95 systems daisy-chain printing to networked printers may cause an extra page to be printed after the document (PCL) and before (PostScript).

For additional information on this topic, see the page Daisy-Chain Printing with OP4W Terminal.

Exit And Logout with Alerts

If you run WorkSpace and Alerts on Windows 95 and use the server Exit and Logout menu command to logout from an OfficePower server, then you may experience a General Protection Fault from Alerts. It is then possible that Windows 95 will detect a fatal error and enter an automatic reboot sequence.

To avoid this problem you should always close the Alerts component before you Exit and Logout from WorkSpace.

Workspace Focus and Integration Toolkit with Microsoft Office

If you use the integration kit for Word for Windows 7 or later, or for Excel 7 or later, to run an OfficePower Send File command, you may find that the WorkSpace window is not given the focus and stays behind your application window.

Use the taskbar or Alt-Tab to select WorkSpace and bring it into focus - you will find your mail item waiting to be completed.

Help files and Windows NT 4

On Windows NT systems, when you execute the relevant program group item to run a help file, the following message appears:

"Executing winhelp.exe rather than winhelp32.exe because this help file uses a 16 bit DLL {178}."

Click OK to run the help file normally.

LAN Workplace for DOS version 4.2

LAN Workplace for DOS version 4.2 does not support all the Winsock options used by OfficePower for Windows. To enable OfficePower for Windows to run correctly over LAN Workplace for DOS version 4.2 you must edit the file WINDOWS\PWPC.INI as follows:

Edit (or create) the section [OPTRACE], and add the line

OnNet for Windows version 2

OnNet for Windows version 2.0 is not supported for use by OP4W on Windows NT or Windows 95 systems. For 32-bit platforms OnNet32 should be used.

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