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New Features in OfficePower/Xtra V5
Features History
OfficePower/Xtra V5 was released in September 1999


OfficePower/Xtra Version 5

The following capabilities are introduced with OfficePower/Xtra V5:

  • OfficePower Archive:

    OfficePower Archive lets you download data in bulk from the OfficePower server to a PC, for storage on a CD-ROM or other media. The data can then be accessed on any PC, without requiring connection to an OfficePower server.

    OfficePower Archive is based on the OfficePower for Windows client, and comprises:

    • Bulk Fetch. This is a facility to connect to an OfficePower/Xtra server and download selected portions of your filestore (or the whole of it, if you wish) to a PC. Once on the PC, you chose what to do with the data: keep it on your hard drive, or transfer it to removable media or CD-ROM for ultimate portability. Alternatively, you could fetch it to a Windows NT server and access it from there.

    • Offline Access. Integration between OfficePower for Windows and Windows Explorer (or Microsoft Outlook, or other similar tools) means that OfficePower-Word documents, OfficePower record objects, and OfficePower mailboxes are recognised and can be viewed on the PC. The same integration provides the link back to your OfficePower server, if you have one, and wish to do so.

  • OfficePower for Windows V5:

    • Document search. Using the graphical interface to the optional PowerSearch facility, this allows you to locate documents held on the server in a variety of formats (including Microsoft Word). Searches can be based on content (text strings) or file characteristics (such as owner).

    • Graphical monthly calendar. This allows you to have a graphical view for any month in a calendar, and add or view an entry for any day.

    • Appointment scheduler. This allows you to have a graphical view of selected user's standard calendars so you can schedule appointments with them. You can create an appointment in your own calendar, then email the record to the selected users for them to extract into their calendars.

    • Record object export to PC. This allows you to convert an OfficePower record object (such as a datafile) to a PC, where it can be imported to a PC-based application (such as Excel)

    • Copy, view or fetch objects in new format. This allows you to convert files to a new format when copying or viewing on the server, or fetching to a PC.

    • Compressed files. These are now visible in Workspace.

  • OfficePower Directory: when searching the directory, you can now search on telephone number, Internet address and Internet Alias.

  • OfficePower Web, enhancements include:

    • Sort on table columns

      When displaying folder contents and record files (Calendar, Mail, and so on) it is now possible to sort the columns.

    • Enhanced search results

      When searching folders or documents, the results page now allows page scroll, a greater number of returned results and column sorting facilities. Directory searches also allow page scrolling based on your record display preferences.

    • Update OfficePower documents

      OfficePower documents can now be updated using an OfficePower for Windows window. Multiple documents can be updated simultaneously and text freely copied between windows.

      Note: You must have OfficePower for Windows installed on your PC to use this facility.

    • Support for inter-document links

      If OfficePower documents contain cross-references to other documents, these are displayed as a web-link that can be clicked. This is an additional feature to normal HTML Web links that can be placed in documents.

    • Improved display of OfficePower documents

      Displaying OfficePower documents now retains the document structure, including tables and columns.

    • Additional preferences. The following new preferences have been added:

      • Default sort order (ascending/descending on first click)
      • Window background colours (used in preference to background images)
      • Horizontal display (with records above data instead of beside)
      • Address recipient window to default to public/dist/standard instead of users standard dlist.

    • Create/Update/Delete on record files. The following OfficePower objects can now have their records created, deleted or updated:

      • Calendar. Creation of linked Reminder is also available.
      • Phone Messages. Codes may be updated, recipients may be chosen from distribution lists or the Directory, and allows received messages to be stored as Name/Address list records.
      • Reminders.
      • Name/Address.
      • Lookup Tables.
      • Mail Addresses (distribution lists). All types of address record can be created including choice of mail gateway.
      • To-Do Lists. Includes linked Reminders.

      In addition, records can be copied or sent by mail, including copying the results of directory searches and mail recipients into distribution lists.

    • Date selection calendar

      A date selection calendar window is available via the Calendar icon. This allows you to select dates to be inserted into the field next to the icon. It can be used in Folder Search, Document Search, Calendar, Reminder, To-Do Lists and Datafiles. Public holidays are shown if configured by the administrator.

    • Datafile (UDAP) features

      When updating a datafile, it is now possible to create/delete/update records. The datafile is displayed/updated using a default form with a standard layout.

      User-defined forms for display and update can be created as an HTML page on a PC and stored for use with the datafile.

      Individual records can also be copied to other datafiles or sent by mail.

      User-defined update forms can also use the built-in date calendar and provide field validation.

    • Browse other users' filestore

      You can now browse other users filestore (subject to normal OfficePower permissions), when displaying your top level folders.

      This option also provides details on your own identity, and session information.

    • Record Search

      Record Search (with automatic View/Hide) is now provided in Calendars/Mail/Phone/Reminders/Address List/Lookup Tables/Dlists/Datafiles/To-Do objects.

      A search prompt requests the phrase to find. All OfficePower pattern matching features are supported, although simply supplying a single word will suffice. After a search, only records matching the search phrase are shown.

    • Message of the Day

      When logging in, Message of the day information is shown. After login, it is possible to review old messages.

    • Object copying

      Copy of objects, including merge of record files and append of documents, is now available. Overwrite option of existing destination object is also provided. Copy and send of records within a search file is also available.

    • Append of documents from mail

      Append of OfficePower documents when extracting from a mail item is now available. Complements merge of record files in the previous version.

    • Object creation

      It is now possible to create new objects, including Calendars, Mailboxes, Phoneboxes, Reminders, Name/Address Lists, Lookup Tables, Distribution Lists, To-Do Lists, Datafiles, Documents and Folders.

      When creating a new OfficePower document, a selection of default templates is displayed. Once created, the document can be updated on the server, displayed or its details reviewed.

    • Additional mail status flags

      The following additional mail flags can be set when sending mail:

      • Deferred Delivery
      • Reply Requested By
      • Expires By
      • Cancel Delivery After

      Expires By and Reply Requested By flags also available when reading mail messages.

    • Cancel deferred message

      It is now possible to cancel a deferred mail message from within the log mailbox.

    • Extract address to distribution list

      Mail addresses can now be extracted into a Distribution List. For sent items, mail recipient status information is available for Delivered/Viewed/Replied status.

    • Alerts facility

      An Alerts window displaying Mail, Phone and Reminder status can be started. Options allowing pop-up prompt, flashing icons and auto-startup are provided. Direct access to new items from the Alerts window is available. The Alert functions can be accessed from the Preferences page.

    • Record navigation

      Next and Previous links are provided when reading records and mail items, allowing direct access to adjacent records.

    • Object compression

      Compression of objects is now available. Objects may be compressed/uncompressed and located via Folder Search. They may also be deleted while in compressed format, sent by mail and extracted from mail messages. Compression is available from the object details page.

    • Calendar daily view

      A daily view of your calendar appointments with embedded To-Do list activities is available.

    • Document search collections

      You can now select which document collection to use within Document Search. The collections can be your own or the public default, if available.

    • Discussion Forum facility

      A discussion Forum option is available, which can be set up by your administrator. This uses OfficePower datafiles to provide a simple noticeboard or discussion environment.

    • Full directory details

      If you are using an external directory service, full entry details (including photographs) are available via the Directory Name link when displaying a directory entry.

    • Record Hyper-Links

      When updating any record (calendar, datafile, name/address etc) and entering text, it is possible to insert links that will be displayed as clickable Web links. These can be other Web pages, internet mail addresses or other OfficePower objects.

    • Customised user environments can be defined by the administrator to, for example, provide access directly to a datafile or other object without navigating the filestore.

    • Support of standard Web server Common Log Format (CLF) to provide access statistics.

    • Support of bitmaps and icons in public pages.

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