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Features Guide
New Features in OfficePower/Xtra V4
Features History
OfficePower/Xtra V4 was released in Spring 1999


OfficePower/Xtra Version 4

The following capabilities were introduced with OfficePower/Xtra V4:

  • Web browser access to OfficePower, including:

    • Filestore and mail (including embedded Web links).

    • Document search by content or filename.

    This allows you to use OfficePower as an intranet.

  • Mail enhancements:

    • POP3 interface to email. This allows other PC mail clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) to be used instead of OfficePower.

  • OfficePower for Windows V4:

    • Offline mail. This allows you to fetch mail offline to a PC (for example, at home), where you can read and print it while not connected to an OfficePower server.

    • Calendar update. This allows you to use a graphical interface for creating or updating calendars, instead of the Terminal interface.

    • Mail discussions. This allows you to see all related mail messages as a hierarchical display.

    • Mail spell checker. This allows you to use Microsoft Word to check the spelling in the Subject and Text fields of a message before you send it.

    • Web links in received mail. This allows you to invoke your Web browser from any URL appearing in the Subject or Text of a mail item.

    • Signature files on sending mail. This allows you to prepare a text file that is appended to the text of every message you send.

  • Hyperlinks in OfficePower-Word documents. This allows users to insert cross-references to other documents, which can then be viewed.

  • Support for mailing/viewing Microsoft Word 97 documents in OfficePower-Word format. This is not a strict conversion, and you are still advised to convert and store as Word 6.0/95.

  • UDAP:

    • Automatic notification of changes to shared datafiles.

    • Sorting of records into the default sort order after updating.

  • PowerSearch: support for Microsoft Word 97 documents.

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