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Features Guide
New Features in OfficePower/Xtra V3
Features History
OfficePower/Xtra V3 was released in Spring 1998


OfficePower/Xtra Version 3

The following capabilities were introduced with OfficePower/Xtra V3:

  • Mail enhancements:

    • Internet Mail Gateway included as part of V3 so that emails can also be sent and received over the Internet/intranet.

    • Support for a configurable limit on mail message size (current default 2Mbytes) (for details, see the Genesis knowledge entry KE0006247).

  • User preference for printing defaults for record objects.

  • OfficePower for Windows V3:

    • Integration Kit for WordPerfect V7 and V8.

    • Off-line viewing of OfficePower-Word documents.

    • OfficePower for Windows Workspace:

      • GUI interface to printing PC files on OfficePower printers.
      • GUI interface to printing mail items (using MS Word).
      • GUI interface to "prep" mailbox.
      • Extract addressees from forwarded mail items.
      • Conversion option while viewing or extracting mail attachments.
      • Support for "Page 2" options when sending mail.
      • Option to "attach as generic" so that 'binary objects' can be emailed unchanged by the mail system.

  • New PC product for use by non-OfficePower users: PowerSet.

    A package for PC users to view and edit files they have received or copied, comprising:

    • Document "Auto-recogniser" for email attachments and other files, including support for OfficePower-Word documents and OfficePower record objects.

    • Free-standing viewer for OfficePower-Word documents.

    • Free-standing viewer for OfficePower record objects.

  • New UNIX product for UNIX servers that allows OfficePower for Windows PC users to run UNIX applications: PowerIt.

    A component that is installed on non-OfficePower UNIX servers that allows PC users who are using OfficePower for Windows to access UNIX applications and services on those non-OfficePower servers.

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