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Features Guide
New Features in OfficePower/Xtra V2
Features History
OfficePower/Xtra V2 was released in Autumn 1997


OfficePower/Xtra Version 2

The following capabilities were introduced with OfficePower/Xtra V2:

  • Introduction of major new document management applications, TeamWARE Library 5 and TeamWARE Forum 5, with access to OfficePower-Word documents. These applications are separately purchased and are delivered with PC client software.

  • X500 directory capability which allows enterprise-wide administration using standard X500 directory products. An X500 directory application is purchased separately.

  • Additional OfficePower directory capability including improved searching.

  • Mail directory synchronisation with TeamWARE Mail 5.2. This allows for interworking between OfficePower and the new TeamWARE Office 5.2.

  • Support for an Internet gateway to allow Internet mail access to OfficePower users. The gateway product is purchased separately.

  • Ability to type Internet addresses directly to mail.

  • A new mail discussion tree capability that enables users to focus on related sets of mail items sent and received.

  • Auto-recognition of MS Office 97 objects so such documents and mail attachments can be double-clicked in the same way as earlier MS Office objects.

  • Integration kit for MS Office 97 to allow users to send mail, for example, from within MS Office 97 applications.

  • New OfficePower-Word processing enhancements such as colour bitmaps, shaded areas, drawing lines/boxes, folder creation.

  • System defined macro keystrokes (system UDKs).

  • Additional systems administration functions such as usage/trend reporting and accounting.

  • Remote install capability.

There are also a set of customer driven specific enhancements in OfficePower/Xtra V2. For example:

  • Printing colour bitmaps in OfficePower-Word documents to PCL5 printers.

  • Daisy chain printing in Windows 95.

  • Printers lists in alphabetical order.

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