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OfficePower Features Guide
Features Guide
Valid for OfficePower 2001, released June 2001


Appendix C: OfficePower/Xtra: PCs, terminals and workstations

Terminals supported include:

  • ICL P400 range (in ICLVT220+ mode).
  • ICL Model 5/1,5/2,10,15/1 (ICL VT220+ mode).
  • ICL Model 303, 305, 303t, 305t.
  • CCI PT2 and PT3.
  • ICL PT3 and PT5.
  • VT100/220.
  • Tandberg (German).
  • Wyse WY-30,50.

A table-driven Terminal Definition Facility is provided for open terminal support allowing third parties to define terminals not in the above list.

Workstations supported include:

  • Windows 3, 95, 98 or NT4 PCs running:
    • OfficePower for Windows.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later.
    • Netscape Navigator version 4.05 or later.
  • Windows 3 PCs running:
    • PowerWindows/3 and PowerWindows/PC (historical).
  • MS-DOS or Windows 3 PCs running:
    • PowerLink Version 7 (historical).
  • Sun SPARCstations running:
    • PowerWindows/X-OL, the OPEN LOOK interface.

OfficePower terminals defined as being of type VT220+ will be groped at login by the OfficePower server to determine detailed capability. These can include M5, M10, M15, PowerLink, VT320+ Windows.

OfficePower does not support M5/10/15 terminals in VT220 mode (as distinct from ICL VT220 Plus mode) or PCs in VT220 mode. This is because of the incompatibility between their physical keyboard and the keyboard that OfficePower expects to be on a VT220.

OfficePower does not support M5/10/15 in M303 emulation mode. This is because the keyboard mapping which results does not match the OfficePower engraved keyboard for the M5/15 and no overlay is provided for this "unfriendly" mode.

OfficePower only formally supports direct connection of terminals/PCs. If any other mechanism is to be used it must first be verified that it accurately simulates direct connection and is totally 8-bit transparent.

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