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OfficePower PurgeMail
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
25th July 2000


OfficePower PurgeMail

Automatic deletion of mail items

PurgeMail allows administrators to automatically enable user mail deletion based on a time interval.

  • Cuts down disk space taken up by mail allowing better use of resources

  • Users are enticed into archiving their mail regularly, helping to manage items

  • Users receive a mail item indicating which mail items have been purged

  • Automatically clears out infrequently used mailboxes without administrator effort.

Delete mail over 6 months old

Typically, PurgeMail would run at set intervals (say every month) on each OfficePower system.

An expiry interval can be set, say 6 months, which would move all users mail, in all mailboxes, to a new mailbox (called deadwood).

Users then have the chance to retrieve any mail they feel is important and archive it before PurgeMail is invoked again.

The next time PurgeMail is run, all previously identified mail items are removed and new items breaching the expiry interval moved in their place.

Record of deletions

Each user is sent a mail item if any of their mail has been moved as part of the purging process.

The mail item indicates the number of messages moved and their new location. An attachment is also provided which details each individual message involved. This attachment is also provided as a document in the userís filestore.

The administrator is also provided with an overall log of activity detailing number of messages processed per user.

Features of PurgeMail

PurgeMail can be run on a single nominated user or run for users.

When run on all users, an exclude list can be provided which will protect names users from mail purging.

The expiry interval is set by the administrator and applies to all mail items in all mailboxes.

Once the mail is moved to the deadwood mailbox, users can choose to extract important attachments to filestore or use MailStore to archive into documents.

Documents archived via MailStore can be compressed using folder/update.

PurgeMail Options

The options available are:

  • Single or all users

  • Expiry interval supplied as number of days

  • Exclude list of users whose mail is not to be purged

  • Public activity log file

  • User mailed with results of purging

  • Customisable mail message set by administrator

Easy to install and use

PurgeMail is installed as a command-line utility allowing flexible running.

It can be combined with standard UNIX cron facilities to automatically run each month or other administrator defined interval.

Technical specifications

PurgeMail is available for OfficePower 2000 (or OfficePower/Xtra) under ICL DRS/NX, UNIXWARE 2 or 7, or SUN SOLARIS.


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