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OfficePower MailStore
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
19th June 2000


OfficePower MailStore

Simplified Mail management

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OfficePower MailStore provides a simple and effective way to archive electronic mail objects.

  • Items from mailboxes are stored as documents.
  • Vital disk space used to store mail is freed up.
  • Archived objects can be retrieved using the OfficePower Word Processor.
  • Index searching for keyword possible using PowerSearch.
  • Compression of objects saves additional disk space.

OfficePower Mailstore

Archive mail items into documents

MailStore enables you to store items from your mailboxes into OfficePower documents. It now becomes an easy task to store the text and attachments from your mail into an indexed archive, for later retrieval as required.

Frees disk space

Mail Items stored in mailboxes, whilst providing fast access for current items, can occupy a large part of the central disk resource of your server. However, once stored and deleted using MailStore the items are now located in your own filestore, freeing your systems valuable mail disk area.

Searchable mail

After storage your mail is available in document format, allowing access using OfficePower-Word or in conjunction with PowerSearch® for fast item retrieval.

MailStore maintains a document Index which details every message stored. This is similar to the closed mail display in your mailbox, but with additional reference information to facilitate locating your mail.

Retains all mail attachments

As mail is stored, all the mail item text displayed on screen and all OfficePower-Word attachments are merged into the document you specify for storage.

Other object types, such as spreadsheets, datafiles and even Windows application objects, are copied into your central MailStore folder created for each user. Reference information detailing the location of the stored objects is inserted along with the item, allowing you to locate them easily when viewing the stored item.

Selecting mail to store

MailStore will store mail from all of your mailboxes. A date range can be specified which will automatically mark all items sent during the time period chosen. This allows fast storing by date. For example, all mail in January could be marked and stored into a suitably named document.

Mail display

Within MailStore, your mail is displayed in the same format as a normal mailbox, with all the usual search, sort, delete and mark record facilities available. Softkeys enable you to:

  • View attachments and forwarded messages
  • Bring in new mail via More Mail?
  • Store items
  • View the stored document - allowing review of your stored items before mail deletion
  • View the Index - allowing review of the current Index document
  • Check recipients via Detail

Storing items

Mail is stored in the document you select. You may also append to the end of existing documents. Each time an item is stored, its details are added to the Index document for future retrieval. All OfficePower attachment types can be stored, with all non-OfficePower documents being copied to your MailStore folder. All your correspondence on a particular topic can be saved together using Mark and store facilities.

Retrieving items

MailStore maintains an Index of all items saved. This Index is an OfficePower-Word document which can be searched for the information required.

Technical specifications

MailStore is available for OfficePower 2000 (or OfficePower/Xtra) under ICL DRS/NX, UNIXWARE 2 or 7, or SUN SOLARIS.

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