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OfficePower Internet Mail Gateway
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
19th June 2000


OfficePower Internet Mail Gateway

The OfficePower Internet Mail Gateway, a standard part of OfficePower 2000 (and OfficePower/Xtra V3 or later), provides a direct link between all users in the OfficePower mail network and the world of Internet mail.

Linking OfficePower X.400 mail with standard UNIX sendmail, the gateway provides for friendly user addressing, OfficePower document/object conversion and Internet encoding to RFC-822/MIME standards.

  • Runs on a single OfficePower server in your network
  • Converts to/from RFC-822/MIME message formats
  • Supports messages, attachments (text and binary) and forwarded messages
  • Provides automatic OfficePower object conversion with autorecognition and uuencoding
  • Includes a default user alias expansion scheme and links with the OfficePower Directory allowing user-defined friendly address names
  • Automatically converts incoming attachments with encoded objects
  • Optionally available Message Store of all incoming/outgoing Internet messages

OfficePower Internet Mail Gateway

Your link to the Internet

The Gateway enables any OfficePower user in the mail network to send and receive messages with Internet mail users - be they mailboxes with ISPs or other non-OfficePower mail systems.

Easy to use

OfficePower has made sending to the Internet as easy as possible. Users can create simple Internet distribution list (address book) entries or just type the Internet address at the To prompt - its that simple. Messages arriving from the Internet are presented in the same way as other OfficePower mail messages and can be replied and forwarded as usual. Friendly shortnames are used instead of unwieldy Internet addresses.


When sending to the Internet, OfficePower documents will, by default, be converted to a printable text format. A configuration option allows conversion to other formats (such as Word for Windows) if required. Users also have the option to convert on attaching when preparing messages. Non-text attachments are encoded automatically by the gateway and all attachments are provided with a suitable file name (including appropriate file extension) ensuring that Internet mail users can extract the files as easily as possible.

User address alias options

Each OfficePower user sending mail via the gateway is provided with a simple alias based on the originating servers organisational unit (part of the X.400 address). For example, John Smith on OfficePower server opbox1 would have the address: john.smith.opbox1@domain . Using the OfficePower Directory option allows each user to be allocated a unique friendly name via the User Attributes facility. For example John Smith could be allocated an alias of jsmith which would shorten his Internet address to: jsmith@domain .

Message Store

A message store can be optionally retained. This allows the administrator to monitor all incoming/outgoing mail and enables the gateway to return message contents to Internet originators in the event of a non-delivery in the OfficePower network. Other traffic logs are available enabling problem diagnosis or statistics gathering.

Link to OfficePower mail system

The interface to the OfficePower mail system is via the standard gateway API available on all OfficePower servers. No other hardware or software components are required. The gateway interfaces with the standard UNIX sendmail facility on the host server which links to other UNIX hosts or to external ISP services. Configuration of sendmail is part of installing the gateway product.


The gateway supports messages conforming to RFC 822 over SMTP including mapping to RFC 1327 and RFC 1521 MIME mail extensions.

Attachment support

OfficePower attachments:

  • Message Text
  • OP documents with conversion
  • Other OP native objects with conversion
  • PC objects and other binary objects
  • Forwarded messages

MIME Content types:

  • Multipart/mixed
  • Multipart/digested

MIME Body Parts:

  • Text/plain
  • Application/octet-stream
  • Message/rfc822, resent/forwarded messages

MIME encodings:

  • Base64
  • Quoted-printable
  • Uuencoding


The gateway runs on the same platforms as OfficePower - DRS/NX, UnixWare and Solaris.


The Internet gateway is delivered as a standard component of OfficePower 2000, and OfficePower/Xtra V3 or later. It is separately installable when required.

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