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OfficePower Mail
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
19th June 2000


OfficePower Mail

A Mail service you can rely on

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OfficePower Mail - A reliable and feature-rich mail service which can serve both MS-Windows PCs and a variety of terminals and workstations. Complemented by OfficePower Alerts

  • Proven by a billion hours of active use
  • Accessible to a naive user, rewarding to a power user
  • `Rapid-review' features and shortcuts may save minutes everyday
  • `Intelligent mailbox' helps you keep work flowing (even when you're away)
  • `Shareable mailbox' enables secure group and partner working
  • Helps users of different desktop hardware and different wordprocessors to work together
  • A reference X.400'88 for open mail connection.

Electronic Mail

Electronic mail is becoming the chief tool chosen by people in medium and large organisations to communicate ideas, requests and information, both within the organisation and (increasingly) with people in adjacent organisations and across the world.

OfficePower Mail has proved itself over a billion desk hours of use, which have fed back into over a hundred developer years of improvements. The result is a service which is simple to use but which includes a set of shortcuts and power features which make it a formidable tool for rapid and effective work.

Simple for the busy user (or beginner)

Mail the document you are working on by clicking `Send Mail' from the File menu (MS-Windows) or pressing the `Send' key (if you are using a terminal).

When your `in-tray' icon shows papers, you can double-click it to review your incoming mail. You'll see a stack with sender and subject for each note. Choose to `open', `reply', `forward', `print', `save'. Read an attachment using your favourite word processor. Have the reassurance of being able to `undo' the changes you have made.

Supports rapid review of large in-trays.

For example:

  • Subset your in-tray (`first I'll look at any mail from my boss, or any marked `urgent'...').
  • Mark-up your in-tray by attaching a permanent tag to each mailnote- e.g. `file', `action', `info', `>Fred'). This allows you to take the action when you have more time.
  • Delegate users can mark any group or random selection of mailnotes and `forward' them under a single cover. Delegates can process them as though they are the original recipient.

Many shortcuts

When reading a reply in your in-tray: `Refer log' brings up your original; `Correlate' gives a list of all the original addressees, and tells you whether they have received/ read/ delegated/deleted/ replied to your note; `Re-send' helps after a non-delivery.

When replying: `View original' shows the note to which you are replying; `Reply cc' copies across cc addressees from original; `Orig attach' copies across attachment from original, for update in your reply.

The `intelligent mailbox' - a feature for individuals and for the organisation

A user can set up filters to examine mail arriving in their in-tray to automatically:

  • delete junk mail
  • copy all mail on re-location to the other members of the working party
  • forward all urgent mail to your delegate while you are on holiday, and reply to the originator saying what's happened.

Filters like these are easy to set up, and can be stored ready for use when you need them. An organisation may use these same features to help speed processes and to build simple mail-based applications. `Mark all expenses with your cost centre and send to `expense'. You'll get an acknowledgement which will tell you who is dealing with the item. The cost centre manager will have a copy automatically filed in their `Exp_claims' mailbox.'

`Shareable mailbox' enables secure group or partner working

OfficePower Mail provides for a user to allow others to have read or read/write access to their mailboxes. The others are identified by their own names and access protection is by their own passwords. Any action they take in your mailbox is in their own name (`reply from Geoff, authorised by Mary'). Using this method information is more secure than if copied round.

OfficePower Alerts can help with these and other uses of OfficePower Mail.

Good for communities with a mix of desk-top equipment

OfficePower Mail supports use of a variety of workstations and can be invoked from a number of word processors. OfficePower will help users to communicate despite differences in equipment. If you send an AmiPro document you don't need to know that the recipient is an MS-Word for Windows user, or an OfficePower-Word user. The recipient can view the document in their preferred format, and choose whether to store it in the format they wish. If everyone in a certain location uses a particular word processor then it can be arranged that all documents routed there are converted to that format. All conversions carry a risk of disturbance to format and inclusions, but OfficePower Mail helps you make the best of a situation where a mix exists.

Integration with

  • MS Office
  • WordPerfect for Windows
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Lotus AmiPro
  • Windows Explorer
  • MS Internet Explorer

Technical Specifications

  • OfficePower Mail is available for ICL DRS/NX, UNIXWARE 2 or 7, or SUN SOLARIS environments.

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