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OfficePower AutoDocs
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
19th June 2000


OfficePower AutoDocs

Automated document retrieval

OfficePower Autodocs provides an automatic document and object server facility

  • AutoDocs enables OfficePower Administrators and users to provide an `on-line' object retrieval service to their customers using electronic mail.
  • Anything that can be stored as an electronic file can be handled by Autodocs.
  • Any X.400 mail system can provide the connection facility.
  • Simplified object management provided by specialised record management system.
  • Usage statistics provide feedback about who is using the system and for what.
  • Ideal for library applications, where many users require infrequent access to reference documents or objects.
  • Service can be provided for any PC or terminal with a suitable local mail connection.
  • OfficePower users can benefit from OfficePower Mail's in-flight conversion facilities.

OfficePower AutoDocs

Access from anywhere

AutoDocs enables OfficePower. Administrators to provide an `on-line' object retrieval service to their customers using electronic mail.

As OfficePower's X.400 mail facilities are used to receive, process and return document requests, your stored information is more accessible than ever, resulting in better exploitation of information across your organisation.

Objects can be retrieved from any mail connected terminal, such as remote OfficePower systems, TeamWARE Office networks, other X.400 systems and non-X.400 networks via suitable gateways. By using your existing mail network, no new communications infrastructure or end-user software is required.

Benefits of retrieval by mail

  • 24 network access - for world-wide users
  • Access from various end user mail packages
  • Simple to use for large populations of remote users
  • Cuts distribution costs - documents are retrieved as required, not just automatically distributed
  • Ability to log usage and fine tune the information to user needs
  • Retention of original object format

Flexible object storage and retrieval

Anything that can be stored as an electronic file can be handled by Autodocs. This includes most OfficePower objects, and MS-Windows documents specifically supported by OfficePower, e.g. MS Word. Documents supported by OfficePower may be converted for the user by a suitably - configured OfficePower Mail service.

Users of the service will receive a list of available documents (each associated with a Keyword) periodically from the service Administrator. Document requests are then made by including the Keywords of the documents required in a mail item which is sent to the service mailbox. Many documents may be requested in a single mail item.

By return of post a mail message is sent to the user with all the requested documents attached. The mail message includes a cover note detailing the order of the attachments and their contents.

Ease of maintenance

All objects are held in normal OfficePower filestore and are indexed using an easy to use record application.

Access control facilities are available to ensure system security. All unauthorised login attempts are noted.

Every time a mail item is processed, information about the documents requested from each mail address is maintained in report files. These enable tracking of users of the service and provide the opportunity for service providers to follow up enquiries.

Day to day running information is provided in status logs with key events being mailed directly to the service Administrator for attention.

Ease of administration

Each AutoDocs service running on your server will utilise one OfficePower user and mailbox. All administrative functions can be carried out from this user allowing separate services to be provided, each with its own filestore and mail address. Items can be split into many smaller mail messages before transmission.

Technical Requirements

AutoDocs is available for OfficePower 2000 (or OfficePower/Xtra) under ICL DRS/NX, UNIXWARE 2 or 7, or SUN SOLARIS.

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