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OfficePower and the Intranet
Fact Sheet
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
19th June 2000


OfficePower and the Intranet

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Windows PC users can access OfficePower using a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Browse your OfficePower filestore to find OfficePower documents, datafiles, calendars, etc - all converted "on-the-fly" to HTML and displayed in your browser. PC files can be fetched from the OfficePower/Xtra server, updated, and returned. Powerful search facilities help you locate documents on the server.

Use your web browser to receive and send OfficePower mail too, using OfficePower distribution lists and directories.

If you don't already have a web site, OfficePower even acts as a Web Server. OfficePower is all you need to move up to an Intranet now.

  • File management of both PC and OfficePower files/objects on the server
  • Controls access to OfficePower filestore using username and password
  • Mail interface for sending and receiving email
  • Mail directory and address books
  • On-the-fly HTML conversion of OfficePower objects
  • View documents, calendars, To-do lists, reminders etc
  • Powerful free text search facilities when used with Powersearch option
  • Retrieve and update PC application files held on the server
  • Works with standard web browsers - no other software required on the PC
  • Works with your existing Intranet web site - or use OfficePower to create a web site from scratch

OfficePower Web

OfficePower for Windows introduced the concept of using OfficePower, via a graphical interface, to help Windows PC users create and share information with colleagues. Now OfficePower Web offers these facilities to any PC with a suitable web browser.

OfficePower Web is designed for "casual" users. For example, it is well suited to those who are not experienced users of OfficePower Word, or record applications, but need to access information produced or stored in OfficePower. It as also suitable for temporary use by more experienced OfficePower users, who regularly use OfficePower for Windows at their own desk, but also need to access the system from other locations.

To use OfficePower Web, you just need a standard web browser that supports frames and Java - Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are both suitable. You do not need any OfficePower-specific software installed on your PC.

File Management

OfficePower Web provides a file manager style view of the OfficePower filestore to help manage PC and OfficePower files. Double clicking on a file allows the user to view it. This applies both to a wide range of PC files (which are displayed in the web browser or using another PC application as appropriate) and to all OfficePower objects (which are converted to HTML and displayed in the web browser).

Files retrieved from the server and updated on the PC can then be returned to the server, again using the web browser.

If your OfficePower server has the optional PowerSearch facility installed, you can use this from a web browser too. This gives powerful free text search of OfficePower Word or PC application (Word for Windows, WordPerfect, etc.) documents. A list of documents matching your search criteria is displayed, and individual documents may then be viewed as before.

OfficePower Mail

Mail can be sent and received via a graphical interface using the Java capabilities of your web browser.

Mail items may be opened (with a mouse click) to allow reading of the covering note and processing of any attachments. Clicking on a selected attachment lets you view it - again, OfficePower objects are converted on-the-fly to HTML and viewed in the web browser.

Messages can be sent (either as a reply to a received message or as a new message) from the web browser. You can use OfficePower distribution lists or directories to select recipients, and attach files from the PC or from the server.

Ease of Use

OfficePower Web to OfficePower has been designed for ease of use, and does not require previous experience of using other OfficePower clients.

A toolbar of icons is displayed in the web browser to allow easy selection of the many OfficePower facilities available - single icons give immediate access to your incoming mail, or your calendar, for example.

On-line help is available - presented as HTML pages displayed in the Web browser. There are facilities to customise the OfficePower Web facility to meet the specific needs of individual users.


Access to information in the OfficePower filestore is controlled using your normal OfficePower user name and password. You are prompted to enter these (via an HTML form presented by the browser) before you can access your email or any files held in normal OfficePower folders.

Additionally, you can define a "public" area, which can contain pages of information that can be accessed without the need to login to the system.

OfficePower as a Web Server

OfficePower Web can be used independent of a conventional web site, or it can co-exist with and be linked to an existing site. But OfficePower can also act as a Web Server in its own right, using the "public pages" facility - if you don't have a web site, why not use OfficePower to build one?

Technical requirements

  • Server: OfficePower Web requires OfficePower 2000 (or OfficePower/Xtra version 5), which is available for ICL DRS/NX, UNIXWARE 2 or 7, or SOLARIS environments
  • PC: Requires a web browser supporting frames and Java. Suitable browsers include MS Internet Explorer 4.0.1 or later, and Netscape Navigator 4.05 or later.
  • Networking: TCP/IP connection to the OfficePower system

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