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OP4W Integration Kit - Upgrade
This item was originally published on the OfficePower web site on
10th April 2000


Support for Microsoft Office 2000

Users of OfficePower for Windows version 4 can download and install an upgrade to the OP4W Integration Kit which will extend the applications supported to include Microsoft Office 2000 (in addition to Office 4, 95 and 97, which are supported by the Integration Kit delivered with OP4W v4).

Installation instructions

  • Download the upgrade file (below) to your Integration Kit directory - this is normally c:\op4w\intkit
  • Run the (self-extracting ZIP) file to unpack the upgrade components to the Integration Kit directory.
  • For Word 2000, copy the file c:\op4w\intkit\ to the Microsoft Office STARTUP folder.
  • For Excel 2000, copy the file c:\op4w\intkit\opwint9.xla to the Microsoft Office XLSTART folder.
  • When you next start Word or Excel after installing the integration kit components, the OfficePower menu will appear in the menu bar.

  1. Word 2000 now has two STARTUP folders, which are normally
    c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup and
    c:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup
  2. Similarly, Excel 2000 has two XLSTART folders, which are normally
    c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart and
    c:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLStart
  3. Install the integration kit in either (but not both) of the Startup and XLStart folder pairs.
  4. The locations may be different on your PC if you installed Office 2000 in a different folder, or are using Profiles to support multiple users on the same PC. To check the correct name for the STARTUP folder on your PC, select Options from the Tools menu in Word, click on the File Locations tab and check the Startup entry in the list of file types. (If this entry is blank, you must set it before installing The XLSTART folder should be in the same folder structure as the STARTUP folder for Word.
  5. The supplied integration kit macros will work with the default security settings in Word and Excel. If you use the Tools/Macro/Security menu item to change security settings, ensure that the option Trust all installed add-ins and templates remains CHECKED on the Trusted Sources tab of the dialogue box.

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